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For area seniors in the final stages of a terminal disease or condition, Dallas hospice care providers can be vital to their comfort and well-being. Hospice provides palliative care, which is care that provides comfort as opposed to attempting to cure a specific illness. Hospice workers attempt to relieve pain and suffering for individuals who are dying and look to support the emotional and spiritual needs of that individual and their family. For many seniors, the comfort that they receive from hospice allows them to live out their final days in dignity and relief from pain.

When it comes to hospice, there are a couple of different ways to receive care. You can get care at home if your loved one would prefer to spend their last days in more familiar surroundings. For many seniors, the ability to receive hospice care as an in home service is a great boon. Another option is to transfer to a facility that provides hospice care. Individuals in these facilities have access to a full staff that attends to their needs and provides invaluable comfort care.

To the right, we have listed a comprehensive directory of hospice care providers in the area to help you find the services that you need. The Eldercare Channel of North Dallas, TX has many such directories listings of services that are important to seniors and caregivers. You will also find that we have many useful articles that deal with end-of-life issues and other subjects that are interesting to the elder community. Our video host, John Vermillion, is an estate planning and probate attorney with John R. Vermillion & Associates, LLC. For assistance with your estate planning needs, please contact John R. Vermillion & Associates, LLC at (972) 386-4560.

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